From the Heart of Sud Ouest

We thought it fitting that our re-imagined website and inaugural blog be launched on Bastille Day, the French holiday that commemorates the storming of the Bastille - a turning point in the French Revolution - as well as the celebration of the unity of the French people, the Fête Nationale, with its principals of liberty, equality, fraternity.   France,  a country rich in history and culture, has been a source of inspiration to artists and designers for centuries.  We escaped the busy summer season on Nantucket Island for a short respite in the  French countryside, which has not disappointed our senses, providing a daily dose of beauty wherever the eye can see, the lips can taste, the nose can smell.  It has equaled the shores of the Gray Lady in beauty and pleasure.  The Sud Ouest (south west), with its the glorious pastoral setting and relaxed lifestyle, has been just the tonic this designer needed to relax and recharge.  The hills and valleys are carpeted in golden tournesol (sunflowers) and open air markets are stocked full with the bounty of the summer harvest.  It is a time of light-hearted plenty and ripe goodness, where the air is lush with joie de vivre.  We toast to this season of abundance with gratitude for the chance to experience this magical part of the world in all its bright, shining glory.  Vive La France!


The valley is dotted with golden sunflowers, heavy under the weight of their shining crown

The markets are a bounty of fresh produce!

Table for two? The charming Les Halles restaurant in nearby Jergun  provided a delicious meal en plein air on a lovely terrace.

The Abbaye de Flaran dating back to 1151 is one of the best preserved in the region.  It is now a cultural center and hosts an ever-changing series of exhibits.

Au revoir for now!

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