home styling & decoration

Often a space requires only a reworking of existing furnishings or a fresh eye on old, tired elements. KHD offers styling and decoration services for projects of smaller scale, as well as real estate staging for houses ready to be marketed. Hay’s distinctly appointed spaces always combine an eclectic blend of furnishings and accessories.  She layers tastefully fabric, furniture, and artwork to achieve interior landscapes filled with texture, pattern, and shape, and delights with her ability to achieve beauty through subtle placement of diverse, but complementary objects.  Hay possesses an unwavering attraction to the natural world, honoring the subtle forms of nature in her unique selections.  She often incorporates natural objects to achieve a synergy that vibrates with classic and timeless appeal.  She favors serene, calm, and organized spaces that throw a bold element of electricity into the mix; rooms that invite you in to their calm embrace while capturing and holding your attention with elements of surprise and innovation.